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Attending Central Labor Council Community Service Conference

Jun 22, 2010 - Joseph Borreggine

The Annual Illinois AFL-CIO Central Labor Council Community Service Conference was attended by Illinois Podiatric Medical Association's president, Dr. Joseph Borreggine which was held in Bloomington, IL from June 22-24, 2010. The event gathered all the delegates from 22 central labor councils throughout Illinois. The conference included speeches about the "State of the Union" of the Illinois AFL-CIO by president, Michael Carrigan and keynote speaker address, Nolan Harrison III, NFL Players Association Former Players Representative. The rest of the conference's agenda educated the delegates from each labor council on how to handle issues facing union members. This is the second year Dr. Borreggine attended this conference and is a current member of the Mideastern Central Labor Council in Mattoon, IL and a union member of the Office of Professional Employees International Union, Local #45. Dr. Borreggine is a podiatrist and practices in Charleston and Effingham, IL.

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