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Visiting DC During the Signing of Health Care Reform Bill

Mar 19, 2010 - Joseph Borreggine

Dr. Borreggine visits Washington DC during the signing of the Health Care Reform BillWashington, DC - Dr. Joseph Borreggine, a local podiatrist and President of the Illinois Podiatric Medical Association (IPMA), recently attended the 90th Annual American Podiatric Medical Association's (APMA) House of Delegates Meeting held in Washington, DC from March 19-23, 2010. Dr. Borreggine met with his other podiatric colleagues and voted on APMA House Resolutions that will direct the this year's Board of Trustees with respect to the betterment of the podiatric profession. This year, also marked a historic moment for the APMA because Dr. Kathleen Stone from Arizona was the first female elected to president of the APMA since it began 90 years ago. Dr. Borreggine had an opportunity to meet with Congressman John Shimkus (R) to discuss the effect of the new signed health care legislation. Dr. Borreggine practices in Effingham and Charleston, IL.

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