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Dr. Borreggine attends "Osteomed, Inc. Surgical Skills Course"

Apr 13, 2016 - Joseph Borreggine

Addison, Texas-Podiatrist, Dr. Joseph Borreggine, attended the "Osteomed, Inc. Surgical Skills Course" from April 9-10, 2016. Osteomed, Inc. is a international surgical supply and equipment company based in Addison, Texas specializing in lower extremity surgical hardware and equipment. Dr. Borreggine participated in a surgical lab and didactic program to learn more about the most advanced foot and ankle surgical procedures available through Osteomed, Inc. Dr. Borreggine using the latest and most advanced surgical procedures and technology. Dr. Borreggine was among a select group of foot and ankle surgeons from around the country who were all present via special invitation. Dr. Borreggine practices in Charleston and Effingham, IL.


Dr. Borreggine is pictured in the photograph on the left in the third row 2nd from the (R)ight

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