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Dr. Borreggine is a guest on weiu-TV "Being well": summer foot issues

Aug 2, 2016 - Joseph Borreggine

"While warm weather can bring out flip flops and sandals because they may look good and are easy to slip on, however these types of shoes can be hard on feet", says local podiatrist Dr. Joseph Borreggine. 

Dr. Borreggine was recently featured guest on the health care program "Being Well". This program airs weekly on a local PBS affiliate, WEIU-TV in Charleston, IL. This half an hour program allowed Dr. Borreggine to address the usual summer foot health issues that can occur such as fungal nail and skin problems, foot pain that can occur from poor fitting shoe gear, along with foot care advice regarding summertime activities. He also talked about proper shoe choices for walking and running.

 Dr. Borreggine practices in Charleston, Illinois for the last 25 years and is an expert when it comes to foot care.

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