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Dr. Joseph Borreggine, PodiatristThe Family Foot Care Center of East Central Illinois is a foot health care clinic specializing in medical and surgical treatments related to the foot and ankle including bunions, heel pain, ingrown nails, warts, and others. The Family Foot Care Center is owned and operated by Dr. Joseph Borreggine, podiatric physician and surgeon, who provides foot care to patients of all ages with special concentrations on foot/ankle surgery, sports medicine, and diabetic foot care. Dr. Borreggine can prescribe custom molded foot inserts (orthotics) and diabetic shoes. Dr. Borreggine accepts all insurance including Medicare.

The Family Foot Care Center (Touching Ground Podiatry, PC) is owned and operated by Dr. Joseph Borreggine, a licensed and a Diplomate of the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery and is licensed to practice in Illinois and Arizona. Dr. Borreggine's offices are located in Charleston, IL.

With more than 25 years of experience in podiatric medicine, Dr. Borreggine is one of the leading foot care providers and surgeons in Illinois. He served as President of the Illinois Podiatric Medical Association in 2009-2010, and is highly respected by his colleagues and members of his practice community. He has been involved in many civic organizations. Dr. Borreggine lives with his family in Charleston, IL.

Whatever your foot or ankle problem, Dr. Borreggine will thoroughly explain the diagnoses, treatments plans available, estimated costs, and the results and recovery time to be expected. Dr. Borreggine knows that an informed patient can make better health care decisions.

Contact us to make your appointment today. You have nothing to lose but your foot pain!

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